Brush Pickup

The village of Tolono currently offers curbside Brush pickup. Pickup dates are the first and third Mondays of the month. If weather or a holiday prohibits brush from being picked up, it will be conducted on the next available day. Brush pickup will end in November and begin again in April. In the event of severe weather, the village public works department may pick up brush outside of the regular schedule.

Guide lines for brush pickup:

  • Limbs and branches are to be less than 4 inches in diameter and less than 4 feet in length
  • Items must be placed near the edge of the road and clear from vehicles, power poles and mailboxes
  • No rocks or dirt will be accepted
  • Bagged leaves, sticks and grass clippings will be accepted. Paper bags only.
  • No tree trunks
  • No waste produced through commercial landscaping, remodeling or tree removals.
  • Brush pickup is intended for regular yard waste produced by a typical yard.


In the spring and fall, please rake leaves to the edge of the roadways and our leaf vacuum will be by to remove the leaves. Please do not place sticks, branches, rocks or other items in with the leaves. They can damage the equipment. Starting October 10th, leaves will be collected using the leaf vacuum on Mondays and Tuesdays through December. This will be weather permitting. If it is too wet or the ground is frozen, leaves will be picked up on the next available business day. Due to the size of the equipment and difficulty in maneuvering it is unlikely that special requests will be able to be accommodated.