08 Public Health and Safety

Number Title
2015-06 Opening Rocket Road (800N) Bridge at reduced load [not approved]
2015-01R Petitioning the Champaign County Board for Participation in Replacement of a Bridge at 800N
2014-15 Burning
2012-07 Video Gaming
1979-08.20C Littering
1979-08.16C Weed Control
1979-08.08C Refuse Accumulation and Disposal
1979-08.04C Garbage Removal
1979-05.12C Peddlers, Hawkers, Auctioneers and Showmen
1979-05.08C Billiard Rooms and Bowling Alleys
2001-05 Inoperable Vehicles
1993-01 Nuisances
1992-03 Nuisances
1984-01 Nuisances
1979-08.12C Nuisances
1979-09.36C Concealed Weapons
1979-09.32C Billposting
1979-09.28C Trespassing
1979-09.24C Sunday Work and Amusement
1994-10 Noise
1991-08 Restrict Use of Public Land
1981-02 Indecent Exhibitions
1979-09.20C Disturbing Assemblies
1979-09.16C Unlawful Assembly
1979-09.12C Disturbing the Peace
1979-09.08C Disorderly Conduct
1979-08.04C Assault and Battery
2006-04 Fireworks during Tolono Fun Days